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The Department releases publications from time to time to showcase the activities and workshops undertaken across the three Directorates. Some of these publications highlight the best practices, case studies and success stories on social and women’s empowerment, self-help groups and prevention of child marriage. Other publications include workshop reports, progress reports and report on celebration of girl child day.
Publications & Reports

Mukhya Mantri Nari Suraksha Yojana: This document provides a detailed account of two Mukhya Mantri Nari Suraksha Yojana and Mukhya Mantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana with regard to its objective, benefits, eligibility and the process to avail the benefits. It also provides details of the number of beneficiaries reached under them. The Mukhya Mantri Nari Suraksha Yojana aims to empower women economically, socially and culturally. ...Read more
Sangharsh Karti Hum Ek Hain Anek Hain (Bihar Mei Mahila Swayam Sahayata Samuh Se Judi Hui Case Study Sankalan): This collection of case studies describes the moving and inspirational life stories of women from across Bihar. Every story is an account of the problems and difficulties faced by women belonging to the lower strata of society and their heroic endeavours in the challenging paths taken to overcome these. It highlights the positive transformation ushered in by the women’s self-help groups constituted ...Read more
Hamari Muniya, National Girl Child Day: A Report on Celebration: The Report presents an elaborate account of the efforts of the Government of Bihar to improve gender equity by increasing awareness and sensitising people to the issues of a gender-just society. It commemorates the National Girl Child Day, January 24, and was released on that day in year 2009 by the Women Development Corporation. It describes the numerous vulnerabilities of the girl child through ...Read more
Department of Social Welfare (Purnea): The ready reckoner provides information about the status of various child development schemes operational in Purnia District in eastern Bihar. It presents a quantitative record of the targets achieved under the schemes, with data about functional anganwadi centres, beneficiaries covered by various programmes and schemes such as ICDS, ICPS, Mukhya Mantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana, and ...Read more
Social Welfare Best Practices in District Arwal: The document is a quantitative and target-oriented progress report of the different social welfare schemes being implemented by the Department of Social Welfare in Arwal District. These include schemes for student welfare, social upliftment and social security. ...Read more
Progress Report, Women Development Corporation: The progress report presents a comprehensive overview of the performance of various schemes and programmes of the Women Development Corporation. It furnishes data about beneficiaries at the State, District, Block, Panchayat and Village levels. It depicts a comprehensive picture of implementation status of these schemes, their output in terms of coverage and outcomes in terms of economic, ...Read more
Child Marriage: Transition to Adulthood (Bihar State Consultation Workshop on Prevention of Child Marriage): The report, resulting from the Bihar State Consultation Workshop on Prevention of Child Marriage held from 4-5th August 2010, describes the combined initiative of UNICEF and Women Development Corporation of Bihar to prevent child marriage in the State. It presents the current status of child marriage in the State and advocates the need for communities to assume a proactive role in stopping ...Read more
Pathfinder Report: Highlighting the need for promoting reproductive health among women, the report presents an intensive account of the collaborative endeavours of Pathfinder International and Women Development Corporation of Bihar to develop a cadre of women to address issues of reproductive health and family planning. It discusses issues of training, disseminating information and generating awareness about ...Read more
Selection of Lady Supervisors: The brief write-up aims to inform about the processes and procedures in the selection of Lady Supervisors, the intermediary level functionaries in the ICDS programme. Lady Supervisors play an indispensable role in the outreach of ICDS as a crucial link between field workers and programme authorities, and also by monitoring the implementation of the programme at the field level. ...Read more
Anganwadi Sevikaon Ke Prashikshan Hetu Margdarshika: The ‘Guidelines for Training of Anganwadi Workers’, aim to build the capacities of anganwadi workers by providing them adequate knowledge and skill in the area of child development thereby augmenting their work capacity and efficiency. The Guidelines provide an overview of the ICDS Scheme covering various aspects of the scheme such as beneficiaries, services administrative structure, ...Read more
Module on Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls – SABLA Life Skill Module: The Module comprises participatory activities to develop psycho-social skills of young girls. It aims to develop skills for increasing personal confidence and ability to assume responsibility, build decision making and leadership skills and increase capacity to manage stress and deal with risky situations among these girls. The Module is composed of five sub modules namely knowing myself, communication, ...Read more
Udaan Part – 2: The booklet aims to highlight the positive impact of playful activities on the physical, motor, intellectual, and language development of children. It describes the use of play material and play activities to foster the holistic development of children. The booklet has been divided in to six main sections which are as follows:
Module for Trainers: In an attempt to create a comprehensive training tool for Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) Government of India and National Institute of Public Cooperation for Child Development formulated the Module. It covers following areas:Health – This section dwells upon aspects of personal hygiene, sanitation, physical exercise, first aid and safe ...Read more
Chutki aur Suchna ka Adhikaar: The Story depicts the inspiring efforts of a girl named Chutki who successfully uses Right to Information Act, 2005 in getting relevant information about her village. Through the story a comprehensive account of Right to Information Act and its salient features have been presented. It describes the whole process of filing an application to seek information from the authorities and steps that should ...Read more
Family Counselling Centres – Success Stories: The Publication presents a collection of success stories depicting vital services Family Counselling Centres render to strengthen families and society at large. The booklet is envisaged to serve as a guide to voluntary organizations who are working in the area of women development and family welfare and sharing the experiences to adopt best practices. It contains narrations of inspiring incidents where ...Read more
Umang No.1, 2012: ...Read more
Report on Juvenile Justice Board,Child Welfare Committee and Homes: The report furnishes quantitative data pertaining to number of JJBs, CWCs and homes functional in different districts of Bihar along with other important details such as no. of cases handled by CWCs and JJBs and no. of inmates in various homes. ...Read more
Status Report of Implementation of Juvenile Justice(Care and Protection of Children) Act in Bihar: The report presents a status of various child related bodies and institutions such as JJBs, CWCs, SCPU, and homes etc. sanctioned and constituted by the Government of Bihar under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (as amended in 2006). ...Read more
Anti Human Trafficking workshop report: The workshop report elaborates on the various strategic issues and aspects discussed, to improve the implementation of 'Astitva' Scheme which aims to prevent immoral trafficking of humans in the state of Bihar. ...Read more
Status Report of Implementation of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act and Integrated Child Protection Scheme in Bihar: The report presents the implementation status of Juvenile Justice Act and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in the state. It is broadly divided in to two sections namely status report of implementation of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (as amended in 2006) and ICPS in Bihar. The first section depicts the progress made in terms of establishment ...Read more
Astitva – State Action Plan to Prevent Human Trafficking and Rehabilitation of the Victims: The Report presents the State Action Plan envisaged to address the complex issues and problems associated with human trafficking in the State of Bihar. The Report includes the official notification of approval of the State Action Plan to prevent Human Trafficking and Rehabilitation of the Victims, issued by the Department of Social Welfare, Bihar. The Plan explicates the constitutional ...Read more

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